Shellac Manicure $ 40/ French Shellac manicure $48

Rated A+ Certification by CND (Shellac product manufacturer)!  The first trained spa to provide Shellac to their clients in the downtown DC area and also named by Shape Magazine as the place to go for Shellac services. Shellac goes on like polish, off in minutes, no drying time, no chipping or smudges. Shellac combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels. The 45 to 55 minute manicure is a true innovation in chip-free, extended wear color. Shellac provides strong, natural nail protection for the perfect manicure.

Using one-time use files, buffers, toe separators and slippers for each client, our Shellac Manicure consists of detailed cuticle care and shaping, and a hydrating moisturizer massaged into your hands. End your treatment with a beautiful Shellac power polish. We have all colors in stock, along with many blends.


Shellac French Manicure $48